How To Start A Blog in 2023 (Complete Guide)

Do You want to start a blog in 2023?

This article will definitely help you.  In this article, I’m gonna give you a step-by-step guide to make a blog very easily.

After reading this blog you will be able to start your blog in 20 minutes. So let’s get started.

What is a Blog?

Blog stands for ‘Web Log’ A webpage that contains some information, images, videos, and other media stuff is called a Blog. I saw many people confuse between a Blog and a website but,

In my opinion, there are no specific differences between a blog and a website. A website is a set of web pages and a blog is also a Webpage so we can call a blog is a subset of a Website.

Why You Should Start a Blog?

There are so many reasons to Start a Website. The reasons vary from person to person. But I’m gonna tell you about the most common reasons to start a blog :


Everything in this world starts with writing whether it is a Big Budget movie or a business plan. My friend, if you are obsessed with writing then you should definitely start a blog.


Everyone wants to make money. Whatever we do, we do it only to earn money. Blogging is the best way to earn money online.


Once a Great man said, ” Network is Networth” As soon as you start blogging, slowly your network will start growing & You will be able to connect with like-minded people.

these are three main reasons to start a blog But except these, there are so many other reasons to start a blog

How To Start A Blog

Dear Readers! To start a Successful blog just follow these simple steps :

Step : 1 Choose A Niche

What is a Niche? The topic or category on which you want to create your blog is called a Niche e.g. My niche is digital marketing.

Now, the most confusing question is which type of blog should I start? Which type of Blog will be profitable for me.

I think choosing a niche is the most difficult task but anyone can do it. If you don’t know too many niches, I am going to tell you about some most profitable blogging niches.

           Here are Some Most Popular and profitable blogging Niches :

  • Technology :
  • Health
  • News
  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Lifestyle
  • Educational
  • Makeup and Beauty
  • Stories
  • Travel
  • Magazines etc.

                         Now, to choose Your niche just follow these steps:

  1. Ask yourself in which field you can write something? Or in which field you have expertise. Note down the answer if you got on answer then my friend that one answer should be your niche. But,
  2. if you got more then one answer and still confused then you should try this,
  3. start writing some blogpost ideas in every niches immediately. The niche in which you can generate more blogpost ideas is definitely your niche.
  4. You can divide your niche in different categories like I my blog is about digital marketing and I write my post in three main categories SEO, Content Writing, WordPress.

Now you are able to choose your niche. Now let’s go to Step number 2.

Step : 2 Choose a Blogging Plateform

There are so many ways to create a blog and there are so many blogging platforms where you can easily Start Your Blog.

But if you want to do professional blogging to earn money then you should definitely choose WordPress Blogging Platform.

WordPress is a very easy-to-use website builder. You can easily create your site on (Here I’m talking about, not

42% of the Websites on the internet are created using WordPress.

Step : 3 Get Domain And Hosting

Choosing a domain and hosting is the most crucial step. First of all, let’s talk about Domains and hosting.

Domain Vs Hosting

A domain is a unique name of your site and hosting is a 24*7 Active live server where your website files will save.

Without hosting, no one can visit your site.

    I would like to spell out this topic to you by using the Example of house.

If we assume that your house is a website, the plot or land will be Hosting and Your House Address will be Domain Name. If someone wants to visit your house (Website), they will have to search your address (Domain) through Roads (Internet).

And that’s how Internet Works. Let’s get back to our topic. Now you are ready to buy domain and hosting.

How to find a Perfect Domain Name For Your Site?

Choosing a right domain for your blog is also a difficult task Because Many domain name ideas that will come to your mind, probably have been taken by someone else.

that’s why you have to choose some prestigious names. Even for me, It took me 3 days to select this domain name Win Digitaly. You should choose your domain name related to your topic, for instance; For digital marketing and blogging niche I chose Win Digitally, and for travel some one can use Travel diaries.

But Not to mention,

There are so many successful blogs whose domain names are beyond their niches although they are most successful like .

There are many types of domain names, though we are only going to mention the Top Level Domain. We can separate TLD’s in majorly 3 Types:

  • gTLD : this is the most popular and common domain. If you are creating your blog for worldwide users then you should definitely buy Generic Top level domain. Here are some popular gTLD’s : .com, .net, .tech, .org etc.
  • sTLD : If you want to create a website for the organizations, Businesses, Schools, colleges, then you should buy Sponsored Top level Domains, Even though there are certain criteria to get sTLD’s. Here are few Example of Stld’s : .edu, .gov, .asia etc.
  • CCTLD : {Country code top level domains} As the name suggest, If you want to target a country then you should Buy CCTLD to picture let say you are a hindi blogger and you target Indians only then you should buy .IN tld. Here are some  example of country code top level domain. .IN, .us, .uk etc.

So Choose Your Targeted audience and your Domain wisely.

You Should use namecheckr to figure out a perfect domain for your site. 

Which Type of Hosting You Should Buy?

There are a lot types of web hosting but we will only mention 3 types of web hosting – Shared Web Hosting, VPS Web hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting.

  • Shared Web Hosting : If you have just started blogging then you should buy shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is very cheap anyone can afford it. In this hosting many websites are stored in a single server.

  • VPS Web Hosting : This web hosting is more faster than shared hosting but this hosting costs more than Shared Hosting.But, Believe me you don’t need to buy it If You have just started then go with Shared web hosting.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting : This web hosting is so expensive. If You have established your business or startup then you should Buy This web hosting. But my friend you should have some technical knowledge to setup this hosting.

How To Buy Domain And Hostings

There are so many sites available to Buy domains and hostings very easily like: hostinger, GoDaddy, Namecheap so on and so forth , 

But always keep in mind that your website speed depends on your hosting, so choosing bad hosting would be a curse for your site.

I would recommend you to go with Hostinger Web Hosting. Hostinger is the Fastest web hosting with the best customer support. This web hosting is way cheaper than other hostings. 


Just follow these simple steps to buy a domain and hosting :

1. Visit Hostinger and Click on Hostings >> then click on Hosting you want to buy

how to buy hosting

2.  Now Add your hosting to cart

add hosting to cart create website

3. Now you can add domain  and other tools to cart and make payment.

how to payment in hostinger

4. Make Payments and then you will automatically redirect to hpanel Here you can select your blogging plateform.

Step : 4 Install WordPress

There are so many ways to connect your site to web hosting but if you have not created your website yet then it is very easy to create & setup your wordpress site. You can see install wordpress option in hpanel.

how to install wordpress in hostinger

Create Your WordPress Account.

how to create a wordpress about and a blog

And install wordpress.

how to install wordpress and create website

And that’s it wordpress has installed successfully. Now let’s decorate our website.

Step : 5 Customize Your Website

Website is Live now but Is Your Website looking great ? I know the answer is No.So, Let’s beautify our website.

First of all, we need a fast and customizable theme. I Would suggest you to buy GeneratePress  wordpress theme.

It is lightest theme with high customizations.

You can buy this theme Here :

After Buying this theme Open your WordPress Dashboard.

Click on Appearance>> go to themes >> Add click Add New

how to change wordpress theme

After uploading the theme click Activate To activate this theme.  

Subsequently, activating this theme click on customize and start customizing Your site.

how to customize wordpress theme

Now, Follow these steps to customize your website:

  • Change Logo, Website title, website tagline in site identity.
  • Choose a perfect layout, color and typography  according to your website..
  • Create menus and choose your homepage.
  • If you stuck on any  problems feel free to contact me

Congratulations! You Have successfully build your site. Now it’s time To Publish Your first Blogpost.

Step : 6 Create Your First Blogpost

To create your first blog post go to your dashboard >> Click on posts>>Add new>>Edit With Elementor

add new post to your site

Add a title of your blog. And start Writing. Beautify your post using graphics, images, videos, tables etc.

In the sidebar you can see so many options, You can add featured images, slug {URL for your post} here.

And that’s it. Now click publish to publish your first blog post.

Step : 7 Create Some Important Pages

Creating a Page is as simple as writing a blog post. You have to create some pages for your Website.

To Create page go to your dashboard >> Pages >> Add New page, and start creating your pages.

Here are some most important pages your website must have :

About Us Page

First of all, I would suggest you to create an about us page. You can write everything about yourself/company in your about us page.

Contact Us Page (Important )

Contact us page is most important page your website must have you can add anything so that someone can contact you. You can add emails, mobile number, social media handles in your contact us page.

Privacy Policy/Disclaimer Page

You can create privacy policy and disclaimer pages using privacy policy and disclaimer maker tools.

Product/Service Page

If You provide any service/ product then you should create a Service page also. Now we can say, the website is completely ready.

We have created our website. But if people don’t visit it then what is the use of working so hard?

Step : 8 Get Initial Traffic

Initially, You will not get traffic directly from google. We will talk about how how to get organic traffic in another blog. but initially we have to get some traffic from social media.


Facebook is on of the best plateform to get some traffic for your blog. Follow these points to to promote your blog :

  • Find Some Active facebook groups related to your niche.
  • Create some content with your blog /website link and post it in these groups.


Twitter is one of the Best way to get some traffic. But even if you have 500 followers on Twitter, it may happen that no one can see the post you shared.

But , You can see my this tweet

At this time I had 200 followers on Twitter. Still a lot of traffic came on this tweet but what is the secret of this? Would you like to know how you can connect with so many audiences?

These are two major social media source to get traffic but you can use more social media sites like instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Quora, Whatsapp to Drive direct traffic to Your Blog.

But the hustle doesn’t end here because This is Just a beginning.


I have told you How to Create a Successful Blog. I hope now you are able to build your site. But if You Have any questions yet then feel free To ask us via Comment.

If you really loved this article then please share it it takes only 1 second to share this.

Blog is very important in website. A Blog is a best way to get more engangement or say traffic on your website.

Google Blogger is a free plateform to start a blog. Here You can make your blog very easily.

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