What digital marketing is : How it is changing business?

Hey Winners! Today I’m gonna tell you What digital marketing is and how it is changing business?

After reading this blog you will learn everything you need to know about Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Back in the days when there was the era of traditional marketing in which we would go to the market for shopping and companies would put up big posters, banners, billboards etc. to attract customers.

However, today in this age of the internet everything has become online, While earlier people would have to go to the market to shop, now people can order any item from their mobile in one click.

81% of the people research online about products and services before buying them. The explosion of the Internet has given rise to digital marketing.

As the name rightly dictates, everything is done digitally in digital marketing. From advertising a product or service to selling it, everything is done by it.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to sell or advertise something. All the advertisements we see on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are done by digital marketing.

Nowadays every big companies does businesses with the help of digital marketing agencies. In today’s era, it is very difficult to do business without the help of a digital marketing agency.

But The Question is What do digital marketing agencies do to Help businesses to Grow.

What do digital marketing agencies do?

As I have mentioned, the ultimate goal is to sell a product or a brand; Digital marketing agencies run different kinds of campaigns to carry on this.

Here are some of the works Digital Marketing agency do :

Web Development :

Even though Web development is not the main work of a digital marketing agency, you should do this anyway. In Digital marketing work you may have to create a website for clients.

Search Engine Optimization {SEO} :

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important works in digital marketing. Whenever you search for something on Google, you get billions of search results eventually.

Have you ever wondered as to “why we get some results on top while other’s below amongst billion of results?”

The answer is Search Engine Optimization. In order to rank a blog or website on the first page of Google, it is necessary to do SEO very well.

There are many different works under SEO like link building, on-page, Off-page SEO and Technical Seo, etc.

We will provide you information about SEO to a T sooner, hope you understand its context.

Search Engine Marketing { PAID } :

We need a lot of time to do SEO, however, if you want to rank on google in less time, you should take the help to SEM.

An article or a website can be easily ranked on Google by search engine marketing, but it takes a tremendous amount of money although big companies use this technique to rank.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the ‘marketing of contents’. People create and share content like Images, Posts, Podcasts to attract an audience and engage with people.

In Content marketing, we use some free and paid strategies to get more engagement on the content.

Content marketing is the best strategy to aware people to your brand.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the “Brahmastra” (Most Powerful Weapon) of Digital marketing. this marketing has changed business completely.

Whenever you scroll through emails, you tend to see emails of many types of offers and promotions, and many times you have bought a product just after reading these emails.

The Open rate of email marketing is 21% means By sending an email to 100 people, 21 people will open it.

Agencies collect emails by applying different types of tactics. Like giving free e-products, E-books, PDFs, or via email newsletter subscriptions, etc.

There are lots of software to send emails in bulk and believe me everything is automated. I will briefly explain email marketing in another blog.

Apart from all these, there are many other things that digital marketing agencies do like Ads, Funnels, Social Media Marketing but the intent of all of these is to engage with people.

Now you understand that what these digital marketing agencies do.

How digital marketing is changing business?

We have understood what these agencies do but the question is how it is changing businesses and Why people prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing?

Targeted User

Whenever you search for anything on the internet, you tend to start seeing that same thing via ads everywhere on different social media apps and Websites; that you go.

Have you ever wondered why it happens?

Yeah, it happens because of Digital marketing. Through digital marketing, you can easily target a group on the basis of age, gender, location, and most important Needs.

e.g. If you are going to start a movie hall in Gorakhpur then you should target your audience in Gorakhpur from 15-65 years old.

Targeting a group of people seems impossible in our traditional marketing, Therefore businesses choose digital marketing over traditional marketing.

I think you now understand how digital marketing is changing business.

Cheap And Convenient

I have noticed so far that people who do not have much knowledge about digital marketing, consider it ridiculously expensive.

But believe me, digital marketing is way cheaper than others because here you get maximum ROI { Return Of Investment }

24*7 Customer Support

In digital marketing, there is no need to visit stores to ask something about products and services you rather easily connect with them through digital marketing.

Analytics and Data

The most difficult task in traditional marketing is Analysis and Data Management. You can only track your investments in traditional marketing but,1abc9cThe most difficult task in traditional marketing is Analysis and Data Management. You can only track your investments in traditional marketing but,

What about Return Of Investment? Customer reviews? product need and customer satisfaction? and conversions?

That’s the problem!

You can’t measure them in old marketing strategies however in digital marketing you will get each data you want to know.

Great for Our Society

This is my personal opinion. To be honest, whenever I step out of the house, I feel bad seeing the banners, and advertisements all around us.

Billboards are seen more than houses on the road. If there were no banners and boards, our world would be more beautiful.


It is not that the traditional method of marketing will stop. No matter how much digital marketing progresses, people will continue to utilize traditional marketing along with it.

I Hope You understand what digital marketing is and how digital marketing is changing business.

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